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PVC Fencing, Bollards & Furniture

All of our PVC products are Australian made. PVC Fencing is a popular low maintenance choice among many Australian homeowners and Councils. It is durable and affordable and doesn’t fade. PVC fencing can withstand the Australian elements and is UV-resistant, termite & pest resistant, and weather resistant.

PVC Fencing is aluminium reinforced, making it extremely durable, strong and sturdy.

It is a popular fencing product because it is eco-friendly and low maintenance. This product does not contain chemical stains or paint, nor do they require chemical treatments to make them functional.

PVC Bollards and furniture are made from recycled plastics making them an environmentally friendly choice which is popular amongst Councils and Local Governments on public parks and beaches.

Our bollards are termite resistant, long lasting, low maintenance and available in a range of colours and sizes. In addition, you can customise the bollards with signage.

Recycled-plastic products are an excellent choice for homes, parks, beaches etc due to their strength, durability, and sustainability. They require very little maintenance and can withstand harsh weather conditions with ease. They also help reduce landfill waste by reusing plastic that would otherwise be discarded.

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PVC Fencing, Bollards & Furniture

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We help create beautiful outdoor spaces that add value to your home; a place to play, relax and entertain using environmentally friendly fences that are sustainable. Our quality is cultivated from experience.